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"Looks like it's going to be a good day" Marc said as we parked the car in the hotel's lot. I exited the car taking in the beautiful vibrant blue of the sky. Not a cloud in sight. "I could get used to this" I smiled stretching as I made my way to the trunk popping it open. Adrien bounding out the back to help me with the luggage. "Now you have to wear a dress!" he mused practically skipping.

"Shhhh!" I snapped quickly peering around to see anyone who may have heard. The parking lot was empty. "Sorry Ade just...just be careful yeah?" I sighed smiling weakly as I grabbed my case. Adrien beamed at me. "Will do!" he replied cheerfully before rushing towards the hotel gesturing me to follow.


My room was on the fourth floor of the hotel. Adrien and Marc were a few doors down from me. Which was relief as it would be weird not having them close by me. My room was quite nice. It was painted a faint shade of lilac with furniture and decoration matching it in shades of Mauve, Silver and Maroon.

I had just gotten out of the shower, chucking my uniform and mask into the wash basket out of my way. I threw open the wardrobe provided which I had filled with my clothing upon arriving and was searching the content for something to wear. The first time in 2 weeks I could finally stop wearing my mask.

It felt nice not to worry about my identity.

I pulled out a rich blue dress from the depths of the wardrobe surveying it before deeming it fit to wear. Putting the dress on it rested just shy of the top of my knees. I pulled on some black tights before putting on black slightly heeled boots. Mmmh. Quickly I turned my attention to my hair giving it a quick brush letting it flow down to my waist. That should do. I though as I went to meet Adrien and Marc in the lobby.


Ethan POV

"Oi, Ash get your ass back here and grab a bag!" I yelled as Ashley attempted to sneak off ahead of me to the hotel. He flashed me a smirk before slowly walking back to me. "Awwh, your no fun." whined Ash as he grabbed his massive rucksack from the back of my van. I laughed as I picked up my own bag, locking the van up.

"That's because it'll be fun for you, not for me. Ya cheeky little gremlin." I said as I prodded him in the ribs. "Ouch!" Ash cried swatting me away. I noticed as we weaved through the parking lot that the Spies car was parked a lane behind the van. That's good.

We walked up to the hotel. It was a reasonably sized building that was about 4 floors high. Painted an off shade of white. As we entered the lobby we saw Adrien and Marc lounging against a wall next to the elevators both dressed in normal clothes without their masks on. " Hey lads, bet it feels great to not wear ya mask's anymore" I chuckled as they grinned sheepishly.

"Course, they aren't always comfortable you know" pointed out Marc adjusting the collar of his shirt. "I suppose not mate. Where's Nat to?" I asked since I could see no sign of him.

The brother's looked at each other before they answered me. "He's gone to bed, the ride tired him out." Adrien said not looking me in the eye for long. "Yeah" Marc continued "he wanted to rest cause of his hand injury".

Now this may just be me but, didn't this seem a tad odd?

Before I could voice any form of doubt both the boy's were staring right over my shoulder, a look of surprise plain on their faces. I glanced behind me to see what had caught their attention and felt my mouth drop open. Quite literally.

Stood about two meters away was a girl looking at us. She must of been only in her late teens. Her long  dark chocolate hair cascading down to her slender waist, framing her heart shaped face. Her skin was creamy and blemishless. Her plump lips a deep rich shade of pink. Her eyes a shade of blue that you only saw when night came.

She was beautiful.

"Natalie!" called Adrien making his way to stand beside me. The girl, Natalie, walk towards us hugging Adrien. "Natalie, this is Ethan a friend we work with." Adrien smiled releasing her from his embrace. Natalie looked at Adrien for a moment before she turned her startling blue eye on me. "Nice to meet you" she smiled, it lit up her face.

Oh boy it made her look even prettier.

I took off my hat a tilted my head forward a little. "Pleasure to meet you ma'am" I replied returning her smile. Her cheeks flushed slightly and he giggled quietly. "The pleasure is all mine" she teased. I gave her a grin as Ash nudged me. "Come on you, we have rooms to find" he said raising an eyebrow at me.

"Yeah we should be going" Adrien countered placing an arm on the small of Natalie's back edging her towards the exit. "Yeah come on Nat" Marc smiled walking towards the exit. With that they were gone.


Did Marc just say Nat?
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Continue please!
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Don't worry, I am. Next chapter is already in the works :)
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