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Ethan's POV

"Come on Ash, your taking forever!" I called leaning against my trusty little van. It was only 8 in the morning but the sun was already lightning the sky in pale shades of pink and blue. Today was the day we all left for a well deserved week off. I was looking forward to it. Not completely but I still was.

I only arrived from my hometown in Australia 2 weeks ago. Having heard about a job going as a Sniper with Builders League United, I jumped on the first plan over and applied. I got the job as soon as my interview was over. They handed me my train ticket and required uniform before leaving me to my own devices.

Finding the train was easier than I expected, the journey was rather pleasant due to the company of Nat. Nat was one of the Spies that I worked with. From the 3 hour journey to our base. Me and Nat discussed our home towns. Nat was much more vague about his past. All I can remember getting out of him was that he was from England and enjoyed reading.

Not much to go on but I felt close to him from the first few minutes we spend together. Even if he was wearing a mask the whole damn time.
Speaking of the devil. Looking over to the base entrance I saw Nat walk out with a sleek black suitcase trailing behind him. I watched as Nat scanned the area, his eyes resting on me.

He gave me a smile and a little nod. Which I returned with a tilt of my hat. "Nat come on! I can't wait to get to town!" I heard Adrien, Nat's friend, call from next to a charming little black car that put my little old van to shame. Nat quickly turned away from me making his way towards the car. Adrien said something I couldn't catch causing Nat swat at him, scowling.

I chuckled, poor lad had his handful with Adrien. The boy never seemed to grow up. "Earth to Ethan" laughed Ash waving a hand in front of my face. I shook my head, darn it wasn't paying attention again. "What you staring at mate?" Ash asked loading his last piece of luggage into the back of his van.

"Just keeping an eye on Nat is all, poor boy seems to be stuck with Adrien for the week" I grinned making my way to the driver seat. Slamming the door shut, I started up the car, waiting for Ash to jump in the passenger seat. "I'm sure he'll live, worse comes to worse he can chill with us." Ash pointed out, putting on his seatbelt.

"True" I murmured before putting the car into gear, heading to the long winding road that lead to civilization. Ash leaned forward turning on the radio, letting the sound of guitars fill the van. I let my mind wander a little. I wonder if it'll be weird if we spent the week with the Spies? Even though we aren't known to get, along it sounded like a plan.

"Hey, Ash. Reckon we should spend a little time with our masked friends?" I asked drumming my fingers on the steering wheel. Ash had already fallen asleep in his chair, before we'd even been in the car 5 minutes. I chuckled quietly.

Let's just see how the week goes.
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he he he ! They dont know !
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