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I struggled, trying with desperation to tear myself free from the bounds on my wrists. I shouted out through the hand covering my mouth, wriggling in an attempt to shake his hand from me. The RED Spy only pushed down harder with his hand in an attempt to cover up my muffled yells.

One finger was placed over his lips, a taunting smirk present as he attempted to hush me up. "Hello? Nat?" called out Ethan giving the door another thump. I cried out again, hoping desperately that he would hear something. He showed no sign of acknowledgement. I looked around thinking of a way to get the Spy to let me go.

That's when I saw that the Spy was still straddling me, my legs free. So I shot my knee up in one swift movement and felt it collide with something soft. The Spy gave out a cry of pain and released my mouth to cradle his now tender groin. I took my chance.

"Help! RED Spy!" I yelled as loud as I could, still trying to free myself from my binds. I heard the door being hit again, this time harder. "Don't worry, Nat! I'm gonna get some help!" I heard Ethan shout before his receding footsteps could be heard.

Now I was left alone. Tied up, with a very angry looking Spy looming over me. Oh god Ethan hurry...

"Cherie, that was a little below the belt, was it not?" he hissed leaning closer to me, our noses mere inches apart. I glared at him trying my best to look unafraid despite my current position. "So is pretending to be my team mate and tying me up!" I growled attempting to launch another kick, only for him to block it swiftly and lean further forward.

"But how else could I see you again in such close quarters, mon amour" he murmured softly into my neck, as if he was talking to a lover. I shivered. "Don't call me that you pathetic excuse for a Spy! Since when did new Spies attempt to toy with the more experienced?" I taunted, holding in a whimper as he bit down on my shoulder.

I felt his cold chuckle vibrate through my shoulder before I felt his teeth leave me skin. "Do you really think that I am some newbie, cher? Do you not recognize me after all we went through, mon amour?" he purred running a tongue across the throbbing bite.

I winched from the lingering sting. Remember him? He laughed again lifting his head up to give me another twisted grin. "You really don't? Now I'm hurt, first you run away from our team then you forget me?" his voice growing colder and angrier by the second. I stared at his dark blue eyes, seeing the rage froth up in them.

I've see those eyes somewhere before. The colour reminds me of gloomy night skies. The ones where there are no stars, all consumed by darkness. But where could I--


We both looked in direction of the door hearing another bang follow shortly after the first. The sound of Solider yelling orders could be distinctly heard over the banging. Thank god I though hearing my team mates come to my rescue. I looked towards the Spy with a smug grin ready on my face to see that he was gone, obviously cloaked somewhere.

Suddenly my door was broken apart in a burst of wooden shards. A Pyro was the first to enter, a rather sharp looking fire axe in his hand. "Mmmh hhh huh!" he exclaimed before others flooded in. "Nat you're ok!" exclaimed Adrien as he darted through the remains of my door making a beeline straight for me.

I gave a weak smile as he pulled me up and set to work removing the biting fabric from my now sore wrists. I have a sigh of relief when the friction against my wrists faded and cold air licked at my wrists. I put my hands in front of me taking in the blushing red lines across them, rubbing them softly. Adrien just adjusted my shirt, hiding the blossoming bite mark from view. I saw the concern in his soft grey eyes.

Yet he was willing to save my dignity.

Next to wander through the wrecked remains which was once my door, was Ethan. He looked around before, checking the room before dashing straight over to me. "Hey! He didn't hurt you much, did he?" he asked, coming down to his knees beside where I sat. His green eyes running over me, checking for injuries.

"Not really..." I murmured not wanting to look at him. The RED Spy had used Ethan's voice and his image against me. Made me think that Ethan had bounded me and that he was going to take advantage of me. Just looking at him would remind me. Ethan grabbed my chin suddenly, pulling my face towards him, forcing me to look at him.

"That's not what I heard, he made ya cry out. What did he do?!" Ethan demanded, his brilliant green eyes hardened with a mix of burning concern and anger. I stayed silent for a moment, chewing over what I could possibly say. I couldn't say that the Spy had disguised himself as him and seduce me.

Ethan continued to glare at me.

"He...he disguised as Klaus and said he wanted to check my bandages." I lied hoping that Ethan wouldn't detect the lie I had just given him. "He then tied me up." I added for extra measure. Ethan's eyes narrowed momentarily, almost accusingly, before he gave a light growl.

"Don't worry, we'll get him, won't we?" he asked, directing the question at Adrien, who was now joined by Marc. Both of the masked men gave Ethan matching grins. "Of course! No one gets into our base and attacks a friend and gets away with it!" declared Adrien.

This made me smile a little, they were always so positive those two...

"Right maggots! I want everyone in the war room in ten minutes! Except Pyro's and Engineers! Pyro's! I want every nook and cranny of this base spy checked and Engineer's! Fix this door!" bellowed Solider from the hallway.


Exactly ten minutes later, I was sat in the war room. Soldier was pacing back and forth at the front of the room, barking at his other counterparts. Two seats down sat a worn out Nat, flaked on each side by Adrien and Marc. They were both smiling and encouraging Nat to laugh as they told her jokes. Any attempted to see a genuine smile touch her lips.

She claimed that the Spook hadn't done anything to her, but her bottom lip said different. So did the deep bite mark to her shoulder, which she could only hid so much. The Spy had obviously tried something on her. Tried to violate her, using a team mate as cover. This Spy was devious.

The idea that he had tried something on her just made me sick.

Nat's face looked haunted, even with a mask disguising most of her features. Her eyes looked dark and worn, as if she hadn't slept for days. Her mouth stuck between a grim line and a feeble smile. I wish I could have done something sooner.

"All right then privates! This has been our second Spy related incident in the space of a couple of days and it stops now!" bellowed the Soldier, commanding the attention of the room. "Both Spy related intrusions have been something to do with our new recruit. Private, what do you have to say for yourself?!" he demanded glaring at Nat from under his helmet.

Nat stood up and attempted to give Soldier her most stern glare. "He claims to have known me from my previous team. Yet, I don't remember him." She explained standing tall, showing Soldier that he wasn't so intimidating. "What do you mean you don't remember? You work with a team and then you forget? Quite lying!" barked Soldier indifferent to Nat's gaze.

This was when Klaus stood up interrupting whatever retort that was about to come out of Nat's mouth. "Actually Herr James, I think you'll find that he isn't lying." mused the Medic matter-of-factly, giving Nat a reassuring smile. I watched as her shoulders slumped with relief at someone seeing the truth, whereas James just looked grouchy.

"Come on then medicine man, enlighten us." James growled eyeing Klaus with distaste. The Medic merely shot the Soldier an icy glare before turning back to Nat. "Well I think Herr Nat needs to come with me, it's not fair for his personal affairs to be the news of the base" smiled Klaus turning to leave the war room.

I watched as Nat followed him eagerly followed by Marc and Adrien, before our resident bulldog could say a thing.
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